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The Bargello Museum

The Bargello Museum with the David of Donatello - Extraordinary collections of sculpture and 'smaller limbs'

Situated in an imposing building constructed around to the half of the 1200's for the Captain of the People, than divenne subsequently center of the podestà and the Council of Justice. To leave from 1865, National Museum, some of the more important are met in the palace, become sculptures of the Rinascimento, between which capolavori of Donatello, of Luca of the Robbia, the Verrocchio, Michelangelo, the Cellini. Later on the museum has become rich with prestigious collections of bronzetti, maioliche, waxes, enamels, medals, ivories, ambers, tapestries, furnitures, seals and weaves them, coming from in part from the medicee collections and part from donations of private.
Opening hours Monday to Sunday: 8,15 – 13,50 Closed on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday and the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day. Tickets Full price € 4 Reduced € 2 Free admission The price of the ticket is increased when a special exhibition is held in the Museum. Bookings Contact Firenze Musei, Tel: +39 055294883 Booking charge : € 4 per person. Disabled persons Lifts available off the courtyard. Schools Free admission. Booking is compulsory but free of charge: Tel: +39 055290112. On admission it is necessary to present a list of the students and teachers on headed notepaper of the school. Guided assistance for schools may be arranged with Firenze Musei at the time of booking at the rate of € 4 per student.

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